Internationally renowned Visionary Artist and Jewelry Designer, Tia Crystal has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors, drawn by her Organic style and enchanting persona. 

Tia’s artistic career had unconventional beginnings, in 2004 a vision came to her in a dream guiding her to Italy. In response, and with complete trust, she left to embark on a journey that would have a profound life changing impact on her, “An Artist was Awakened”

Whilst walking in the countryside of Italy, Tia found an old paintbrush lying under a bush, next to it was a lid from a bottle with a T on it. Everything within her told her to pay attention to the message within this brush and lid.. AND SHE DID…

Obeying the messenger that day, set her on the path to creating Art that leaves one not only mesmerized but intoxicated with inner and outer peace.Today her work hangs in many public and private places around the world. Her art is unmatched in its colors, scope, variety, and deep spiritual meaning. Tia has a unique eye for style and creative elegance. In 2012 Tia was voted top ten artist after exhibiting in one of New York’s most prestigious art shows. She has been featured on numerous magazine covers, as well as being featured in National Geographic.

Tia’s love for working and painting with Semi-precious stones also overflows into her creations as a renowned Jewelry designer.
Her Philosophy “Jewelry to enhance the beauty of you” is about creating pieces that enhance the deep inner and outer richness of the modern day woman.

I want you to feel confident, beautiful and sexy. It is my passion to create this in my Jewelry, I want you to feel the energy of peace and tranquility when wearing one of my pieces.The source of Tia’s Art, Jewelry and her life lies in her eclectic spiritual travels and experiences that have span over 30 years. She has been trained in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism and the deep sacredness of being. As a mother of three wonderful children Tia lives in a world full of color, overflowing with inner and outer beauty.

Her dream is to create a world where LOVE, is the voice and vision, that is felt, seen and heard…This is her Art… This is her Jewelry… This is her message.

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