paintbrush_storyOn June 27, 2004 I embarked on a life changing journey to Italy that would along the way introduce me to my own Enlightened Master. 

I am an explorer; I have a yearning to learn, dig, uncover buried treasures that, once exposed delight and shine their magnificence. I left on my own pilgrimage, to walk in silence for ten days, in a place that I feel as  deeply in my heart today as I did then—Assisi, Italy, in the countryside of Umbria, where the sunshine dances and kisses every blade of grass and every local’s face. 

Tia’s left London, just like that. The drums were beating…. Tia left town!!! Is she having an affair? Is she having a midlife crisis?

No frills, no preplanned hotel booking. Just a duffel bag, a back pack, and a journal that became my greatest friend and sleeping companion. I had a calling—a wake-up calling. 

With deep trust—a deep knowing in my heart—I began my long-awaited journey to discover the gift of my destiny.

Once you agree to show up in your life and agree to live it full on, every step of the way becomes an amazing experience. Complete surrender is so freeing and refreshing that it’s effortless.

From the moment I left London, my cloak of heaviness fell away. My clipped wings began to take flight, and I soared.

It was instant transformation.

I remember someone asking me, “What makes you happy, apart from your family?” What I believed, perceived to be happiness—having no financial worries—was an illusion.

For many, money is an obsession. The more you obsess about the feeling of not having it, the less you will have. When you let go of the obsession, it comes to you.

I learned happiness takes no form, it has no smell, no look or sound, no rhyme or reason. It is so beyond words that once you truly experience the magnitude of it, money is as far away from it as London is to Italy by foot. When happiness ignites itself inside of you, everything tastes, looks and feels wonderful. It’s euphoric.

Miracles began from the moment I left London. Minute by minute. 

From London to Rome, from Rome to Assisi. A plane, a bus, and two train rides. And eureka! Life, happiness, and inner peace.

My first step was to declare to myself that I truly wanted to have the right to own the title to my life—to have the key to unlocking my inner self awareness, to wake up and see clearly what it is to live fully present. Awakened…

My Second, to truly own happiness.

And my third,to find Inner Peace.

One, two, three, just like that… There it was.

One day whilst walking in a valley with joy and peace in my heart, I found my Enlightened Master, waiting patiently for me under a bush. By showing up in my life, life showed up to me that day—a paintbrush waiting for me to collect it, partnered with a bottle top with a “T” on it (for “Tia”), and a pen.

My life from that day forth has become one of a grand love affair, standing in awe of God. Seeing beauty and the expression of love as a vision of movement and color is still, to this day, one of the greatest gifts I have received.

That paintbrush, allowing me to create the canvas of my life, with the choice of many colors, it gave to me the gift of the artist that was locked inside of me—the passion to create beauty and happiness in a motion of color and light; to trust in the creation of organic art that has no rules, regulations or structure, that is free to flow as a river does, in purity and perfection.

This is my story – forever expanding and forever growing. From that one paintbrush, more have come and with them 1000 paintings to date. 

I AM Tia Crystal, the Artist, who loves to create and paints joy and love, one stoke at a time.

Welcome to my world. 


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