Tia… Thanks for providing me guidance. I should not consider myself visually impaired, but instead as a person with perfect vision. I am now seeing with my heart and soul, not my eyes and ego. This has been part of my transformational journey within. This transformational journey to my inner spirit has led me to you. As a visionary artist you express this inner world with your art. You are also a spiritual guide teaching others this inner world of peace, positivity, and prosperity…

My personal journey to I AM has led me to a Divine Union with my Lord. I’ve encountered the kingdom of heaven here on earth. As stated in the Lord’s Prayer, “…Thy kingdom come, Thy WILL be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”.
A new phase of my life is beginning. I am being guided by the Lord to do his WILL… I AM the Messenger of HOPE. You are the Messenger of PEACE. You bring great joy to this world. Thank-you teacher and friend.

Andrew Regnery

Painting my Soul Box has inspired me to paint! It has freed me of my Left Brain organization and compartmentalization! Lucky me! Who Knew!  Thank you Tia for the Play Ground to explore, have fun, be creative and to be free in.

Janet Falbo

The moment I first entered the Gallery I was almost overwhelmed by the beautiful Art on the walls and the amazing healing energies that wrapped around me like lovely invisible hugging arms of Love and Peace and serenity.

Each week we each get to pick a card.
I almost immediately pulled a card with the number 44 on it. The number Four represents the presence of angels. Angelic love showed me I was leaving the endings of lode experiences behind and beginnings of a new song to sing in my life… I am pure energy and I am connected to the energies of my own creation. I am now ready to receive. And even more ready to give. The more I receive the more I feel to give.

In the Jewelry case I noticed a bracelet I had admired several months ago at an event where Tia had displayed her lovely pieces and vibrant crystals. I had thought of this sterling silver bejeweled bracelet several times.

I was pleased to see it was still available for sale. I tried it on and immediately knew it was meant for me! It had simply been waiting for me to show up and claim it.

I love it so much that I have been wearing it to bed every night since!

My angels told me to wear it on my left wrist which is my intuitive side. I have been more sensitive and aware intuitively than ever. My Third Eye is Open!

I am looking forward to creating a heart painting the last night of classes. In the meantime I am excited about completing my project of intuitive expression. My HeART is full! I have this lovely keepsake box in which I will put objects to speak my intentions and dreams for this year 2011… A year of manifesting and dreaming big dreams and imagining great things for my personal life and others in my life.

I have found a new Home and new opportunity to meet like minded people. I am so looking forward to attending many more activities and events.
It is really true…

Home IS where the (he)Art is!

Thank you Tia!

I have known Tia for almost four years now. We have created some beautiful sites together plus she is very cool to work with. I like going to her events since everybody is so nice and like minded. I always meet new friends and have a fun time. Also, her gallery and crystals effect me on an energetic level in that I feel uplifted and more joyful after being there. If you want a quick joy fix, go visit the gallery and meet some new friends.


Tia…I Love the Work that You Do Too …♥…The Light Is Soo Bright…I Have to Wear Sun Glasses in Doors…♥♥♥


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