To be fulfilled

Every day we are gifted with the awaking of another adventure, life is that!

We are given the tools to create and change any situation by the way we see and feel it either we see it as taking from us or we see it as giving to us.

What if life is a grand adventure?

What if we get to explore it everyday?

or not!

 Yes life has its ups and its downs, so do mountains and so do hills, how else would we experience the walk to get to the top? Sometimes it can be hard, an arduous climb, but the scenery at the top is so worthwhile.

And then the way down becomes so electrifying, in that moment you are onto a new adventure.

Yes indeed.

So life is always giving, always showing up, always full~filling.

We are the explorers on a road of experience’s and we are truly blessed.

So the next time something shows up in your day that is overwhelming, see it as a grand adventure, and that you are just climbing a step mountain,  


Experience the climb don’t resist it and before you know it the top will be insight.

To being so fullfilled and the adventures of life.






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